DIY Protein Skimmer

This DIY project is entirely realised, written, photo and video documented by Dale - All rights reserved © Do not copy without a written permission, please.


and the pump assembly. Basically there are PVC reducers, pipes and 3/4" unions. At this point all the piping is dry fitted, not glued. Only after I'm satisfied with the final product will I will glue it all together. Next I installed a bulkhead and fittings for the skimmer returnline (water out of skimmer).
And a bulkhead and fittings for the skimmer feed line (water into skimmer).
This is a view looking down at the guts of the skimmer. On the left there are the recirculating pumps feed and return bulkheads (the elbow at the bottom directs the return flow in a circular pattern). On the right is the skimmer feed and return bulkheads (again, the elbow directs the feed flow in a circular pattern).
These next three shots show how the lid goes back on:
First I cut a little off the top to make it thinner than the base flange
It sits in place nicely
I am sealing it with silicone. I'm doing this in case I need to adjust something. Once I'm satisfied with the skimmers performance I can seal it permanently with marine Goop